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This site is dedicated to our love of Christmas and Christmas lights in all the forms they take. Over the years, our display has morphed from a few strings of lights tossed into nearby bushes, to an animated, synchronized light show. This year we will be collecting donations for Backpack Buddies, a food charity that provides hungry children with weekend meals during the school year. Monetary donations can be made at the display via our donation collection box. All donations are voluntary and will be given directly to Backpack Buddies. For 2013 we've added new display elements and song selections. Load the kids into the car, come on down and enjoy the show!
What Happens when you syncronize 75,000 lights to music and transform your front lawn into a light show? You get a LOT of people coming to your house. My family calls them customers. Early in the season they trickled in about 50 a night but come December we were getting 200 - 300 cars a night. Crazy!
A Christmas light enthusiasts prayer
As I untangle strings of Christmas lights, Lord help me to remember that I do this first to honor You. Never let me get so prideful of my display that I fail to see the wonders in the eyes of a child or the joy on the faces of those who are still children at heart. Never let me forget that my total effort is to make Christmas memories, bring cheer and to slow down the pace of a hectic season if only for a moment. And Lord, someday when I meet you face to face, may I hear you say:
"When you made My people smile, you made Me smile."


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This was a tight squeeze! Jenny couldn't resist taking a picture.
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The Yarbrough Light Spectacular is up and running for 2013! The display has new elements and song selections.
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